Community-Based Research Experiences with Nepali Partners During COVID-19

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Isabella Burns
Jenna Holland
Rachel Walters


COVID-19 has affected the research studies of undergraduate students and has caused projects to go in directions or face obstacles that are not expected.  Our research group took part in a public sociology class and worked with partners from Nepal to study teacher’s perspectives of the Nepali education system during COVID-19.  During this research experience, we navigated obstacles with communication, cultural sensitivity, time constraints, COVID-19, and research methodology.  In this article, we share how we overcame these obstacles.  We illustrate the benefits we found from this research project experience, the lessons we have learned, and the future advice we have for both ourselves and for other undergraduate students that are conducting research during COVID-19.

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Burns, I., Holland, J., & Walters, R. (2021). Community-Based Research Experiences with Nepali Partners During COVID-19. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research , 11, 11-14. Retrieved from
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