​VTDITC: Hip Hop Studies at Virginia Tech and COVID-19

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Jasmine Weiss


VTDITC: Hip Hop Studies at Virginia Tech has a heavy focus on community-based learning, we make sure to support our communities’ interest in Hip Hop, and facilitate spaces where people can recognize Hip Hop as a scholarly practice. We have a variety of programs we offer including a monthly seminar, weekly studio hours, media literacy workshops, and live DJ mixes. COVID-19 emerged across the United States around March 2020 and directly impacted everyone's life in various ways. VTDITC programing has had to adjust because of our country’s new norms.

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Weiss, J. (2021). ​VTDITC: Hip Hop Studies at Virginia Tech and COVID-19. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research , 11, 33-38. Retrieved from https://ujslcbr.org/index.php/ujslcbr/article/view/333
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