Restructuring the Approach: An Inside Perspective on Diminishing Food Insecurity

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Rafat Solaiman


Serving others allows us to tackle the most complex social issues ailing many communities today. However, it is the act of learning in the context of service that allows for growth to occur among individuals while truly understanding the entirety of issues. Work on social issues is promoted by numerous organizations today but the general population is not exposed to the same view of the situations as those who sit in powerful roles within these organizations. I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon the opportunity to start my own organization that tackles one of these social issues: food insecurity. Many individuals are only able to see the workings of nonprofit organizations from a relatively “outside” perspective as a community member or volunteer. My experiences at my nonprofit organzation, Fasting For Friends, has allowed me to gain an “inside” perspective on food insecurity through leading the activities of the organization, as well as collaborating with other nonprofits on this issue.

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Solaiman, R. (2020). Restructuring the Approach: An Inside Perspective on Diminishing Food Insecurity. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research, 9, 19–28.
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