One-Way Street

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Emily Du


I was working for the Center of Documentary Studies at that time in Community Programs, and we were invited to be a part of some of the very initial meetings, but it became very clear that a lot of work needed to be done before anyone was going to do any documentary work.

'Why are you taking that picture? What ar you going to do with that?' 

This and again that, 'We're tired of students coming into the neighborhood, taking what they need for their research, and leaving...'

'What happens to what they would do for us? How does that positively impact our community?'

These words were spoken in an interview with Barbara Lau, director of the Pauli Murray Project and "Face Up," a collaboration between Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies and the local Durham community aimed at celebrating the life of Durham-native and activist Pauli Murray while promoting solidarity between residents of different neighborhoods and also between residents and the university. 

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