How Sincere?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Reflections on Service

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Rachel Fishman


Reflection through writing is an integral element of service learning courses. As Bringle and Hatcher say, “Service learning deliberately integrates community service activities with educational objectives” (1999, 113), and “writing is a special form of reflection through which new meaning can be created, new understanding of problems can become circumscribed, and new ways of organizing experiences can be developed” (1999, 115). Reflection can be defined as the “intentional consideration of an experience in light of particular learning objectives” (Hatcher and Bringle 1997, 153). As a freshman at The George Washington University, I enrolled in a service learning themed writing course. As part of the curriculum, each student kept a blog of reflective posts that are public to the rest of the class. As the course content developed and as I had my own experiences with my community organization of choice, I began to think about the sincerity of the discourse of some of my peers’ reflections. 

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Fishman, R. (2015). How Sincere?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Reflections on Service. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research, 4, 1–9.
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