From Tadpole to King Frog

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Chris Bremer
Aaron Cherry
Christopher Deane
Lucas Graff
Ian Kelsey
Cody Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Chris Lorenz
Nic Magee
Tanner Sampson
Shorena Tatarashvili


Our team completed a service-learning project for Bus378 Project Management at the University of Idaho in Spring 2014. Project Management is a service-learning course open to any student with junior standing or above. The course allows students to learn tools and techniques to manage projects in any type of organization. Students work in teams to complete projects for community partners, gaining hands-on use of the concepts they learn in class. All projects fulfill several course learning objectives, including partaking in a project team, which uses the concepts taught in class to manage a project from start to finish. Each student is expected to spend 30 to 40 hours participating in project work over the semester. In Spring 2014, the class had 57 students enrolled; four teams were formed.

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Bremer, C., Cherry, A., Deane, C., Graff, L., Kelsey, I., Lewis, C., Lewis, M., Lorenz, C., Magee, N., Sampson, T., & Tatarashvili, S. (2014). From Tadpole to King Frog. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research, 3, 1–4.
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