Empowering Haiti From a Different Perspective

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Darrell Haley Jr.
Amirah Bohler
Jessica Watts
Attallah Muhammad
Mariam Nadri
Zelquaysha Hawkins
Ena Ampy
Latessa Miracle Allums
Brea Mangrum


These analytical and reflective essays are about our experience in Psychology 340 (Service Learning/Global Education). The course was an upper-level undergraduate psychology course on the helping relationship, with an emphasis on service-learning in a global setting and its effects on mental health workers in their practice with families, communities, and individuals. This course is intended for students strongly considering a career in the human services field, such as psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, and teaching.

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Haley Jr. , D., Bohler, A., Watts, J., Muhammad, A., Nadri, M., Hawkins, Z., Ampy, E., Allums, L. M., & Mangrum, B. (2013). Empowering Haiti From a Different Perspective. Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research, 2, 1–14. https://doi.org/10.56421/ujslcbr.v2i0.125
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